Reference Information for slot and static modellers


Who made what in 1/32nd Scale

British cars from the mid 50s to mid 70s - Rover, Triumph & Jaguar

If you don't see the car you are interested in it may be because I have forgotten it or don't know about it! It's not possible to list all the variations of each car so I have put a heading of the car type and put the variations I know to exist. If a particular variation is not listed then I do not know of a model of it. If you know of one let me know. Following the car type will be the name of the manufacturer of the model followed by a code to say what type of model it is then a suffix to give an indication of availabilty, either "O" for obsolete (and therefore probably hard to find) or "C" for current (or very recent production).


Where a product is current or recent production clicking on the manufacturers name will take you to the manufacturers or similar site for more information (Not available for all models)


DC - Die cast metal, NK - None Known, PB - Plastic bodyshell only, PK - Plastic kit (static), PT - Plastic toy, (often friction drive), RB - Resin Bodyshell only, RSC - Resin bodied Slot Car (RTR), RSCK - Resin bodied Slot Car Kit, SC - Slot Car (RTR), SCK - Slot Car Kit (with plastic bodyshell)



P4 70/80/90/100/110 etc - NK

P5/P5B - NK

P6 2000/2200/2600/V8 etc - NK

SD1 - V8 3500 - Scalextric (possibly a little over scale?) (SC - O)


Triumph (saloons)

Herald range

- 1200 saloon

- Airfix (PK - O but 90s reissue fairly easy to find)

- BMC 32 (RSCK - C)(RSC - C)

- 950/1200 coupe

- BMC 32 (RSCK - C)(RSC - C)

- 13/60 saloon

- Onethirtysecond (RB - C)(resin static kit - C)

- 13/60 estate

- Onethirtysecond (resin static kit - C)

Vitesse range

- 1600

- Onethirtysecond (RB - C), (resin static kit - C)

FWD range - NK but Onethirtysecond Dolomite (see below) could be easily converted to 1500FWD


- Toledo 4 door - Onethirtysecond (RB - C)

- Dolomite - Onethirtysecond (RB - C)

2000/2500 range - NK

Acclaim - NK but Corgi (DC - O) isn't way off


Triumph (sports)

TR2 - BMC 32 (RSCK - C),(RSC - C)

TR3 - BMC 32 (RSCK - C),(RSC - C)


- Aurora (PK - O)

- Linberg (not exactly to scale?)(PK - O)


- Revell (PK - O),(SC - O)

- BMC 32 (RSCK - C),(RSC - C)


- Airfix (PK - C)

- Scalextric (SC - O)

TR5 - NK

TR6 - BMC 32 (RSCK - C),(RSC - C)

TR7/8 - Scalextric (a little overscale?) (SC - O)

Stag - BMC 32 - several versions available


- MK 1 - Aurora (PK - O)

- MK1/2? - 32 Scale - (RB - C)

GT6 - surprisingly none known



MKI - 32 Scale


- JimSlot/A2M (a bit crude)(RB - C?)

- 32 Scale (RB - C)

MKX - 32 Scale - could be a little underscale?(RB - C)


- Airfix (PK - O)

- 32 Scale - (RB -C)

S Type - NK

XJ 6 - 70s vac forming (VF - O)

XJ 12

- Coupe - Lucky Toys (PT - O)

- Coupe - 32 Scale


E Type

- Roadster - Airfix (PK - C)(SCK - O)

- GT - Revell (SCK - O)

- GT - Supershells (PK - O)

- GT - Scalextric/SCX (SC - O)

- GT - Saico (DC)

plus I'm sure loads of others.




All of these models are roughly 1/32nd scale although it should be noted that many Scalextric etc cars are not exactly 1/32nd but whatever size was convenient to fit in with standard chassis dimensions or make them competitive with other cars in the range.Also many plastic kits are not exactly 1/32nd, especially early kits which were often not made to any particular scale (sometimes sized to fit a standard box) but were later re labled as 1/32nd if they were close (Linberg were particularly bad for this) when 1/32nd became adopted for slot cars.


Browse around and see what you can find. If you have anything to add to any of it please contact me