Transfer images for ink jet printers

 I have only recently discovered the transfer paper that can be bought for ink jet printers and have found it very useful in scratch building and restorations. It's too much to go into here at the moment but those of you who are familiar with it may find these scans of transfer sheets useful. Click on the link and copy them to your PC and print out your own sheets. I will add others to this page as I get time (and the originals) to scan.

Unless stated images are at 150 dpi for speed which should be sufficient for these purpose, although if its better at a larger size contact me and I'll see what I can do. The size they display at will depend on your monitors resolution but they should print at the right size.

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Krackle KatComplicated transfer sheet for the Airfix custom version of the Capri, meant to represent crackle effect paint.

Kansas KruiserFor the Airfix custom version of the Lotus Cortina featuring dragons, flames and St George. Clear ink jet transfer sheets can't represent white and there is a small white area on St George. You could use white transfer stock but the images would take a lot of trimming. An alternative is to cut a small piece of white stock and place that on the model first before placing the main transfer on.

Unipart Marina Team Unipart transfers for use on the 70/003 Marina Coupe bodyshell 300dpi. See the Gallery for an example of these home produced transfers in use.