1/32nd Static kits suitable for slot racing conversions

last updated 21/4/04

Over the years a surprising number of car models have been made in 1/32nd scale. Today, due to the supremacy of 1/24th as the standard scale for car kits, only a few Airfix re issues are reasonably easily obtainable. However, if money is not too much of a problem most of the obsolete Airfix cars plus some of the others are available through Ebay - at a price. It's a double edged sword as the prices of many kits have come down as more and more surface in the hope of a fat profit. Over the year 2002/03 the Ebay price of the Airfix Zodiac has dropped from £35 to around £20, partly due to a large number becoming available from Finland. The price is now on the up again however. Whether butchering expensive (and unlikely to be remanufactured) rare kits is a good thing or not I leave up to you.

Even the most casual of inspections of this website will tell you that I am only really interested in the more everyday cars, so, apart from Airfix (Gawd bless 'em) I will concentrate mostly on these and leave out the Porsches, Ferraris etc.

This is a potentialy mammoth undertaking so other makes will be only be added as time/information permits.


Airfix - where it all started for me and the easiest to find

ARII - A diverse (to say the least) range from Japan, many from old LS tooling

Aurora - Vast range, but thin on the ground now.

Frog - OK, no 1/32nd but a few great kits in 1/16th that I couldn't omit!

The following to follow as information/time permits. Got any information on any of these? Let me know here

Gunze Sangyo - Quality range of American classic cars

Lindberg - Not the best, but cheap and cheerful (usually)

Monogram & MPC - Americas number 2

Revell - American equivalent of Airfix but were also made in the UK & Europe