Accessories, spares,chassis, hubs, tyres etc

This is a hobby website dedicated to 1/32nd scale models of everyday British cars of the 1950s to 1970s, either as static models or as slot cars.

It's been going a few years now and I'm afraid I don't have as much time to spend on it as I used to - this means I don't always get to respond to emails as quickly as you or I may like so please be patient, I never ignore any genuine emails.

This also means that the website is not updated as often as I would like either (and I am aware of the similarity with Monty Pythons Cheese Shop sketch!) but it is updated in the important areas - if it says on the site that something is unavailable that it's unavailable, if it says it is available then it is. I keep information about kits not currently in production on the website so new comers who come across them at swap meets etc can find out more about them. Currently there are no plans to reintroduce any out of production kits and all future projects are currently on hold (including the Marina estate) but this may change.

While I do have lots of Airfix etc kits and Ready to Run slot cars etc I do not have any lists, other than those that are already on the website, so please don't ask me for any - if I had them listed I would have put them on the site. However if there are specific items you are looking for then let me know and I will see what I can do.


I am able to supply some spare parts (windows, bumpers etc - but not bodyshells) for some of my kits while stocks last - please contact me for details.


CHA/001 Static chassis kit for Triumph Herald 13/60

Can be used with later versions of 60/003 Triumph Herald to produce a static model. Could be used with earlier versions of 60/003 after internal modifications.

Consists of;

  • Chassis with some basic underfloor detail
  • Seats
  • Dashboard
  • Wheels (with appropriate hubcap detail) and axles
  • Steering wheel and column


CHA/002 Static chassis kit for Triumph Vitesse 1600

As above but for use with all 60/004 Triumph Vitesse NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Airfix etc Spare Parts

Occasionaly I am able to supply spare parts for Airfix etc 1/32nd car kits, plus whatever reproduction parts as may sometimes be available. No lists available but feel free to contact with your "wants" list. I also buy or trade broken, incomplete, built etc kits, left overs from slot conversions and even mint/boxed if sensibly priced.

Instruction sheet photocpy service

If you are having trouble building an Airfix or similar car kit because you don't have the instructions I may be able to help. I have a library of most Airfix and many other makes instruction sheets and will provide a photocopy on receipt of a stamp addressed envelope.If you want several a small contribution towards copying would be appreciated! If you have any instructions for obsolete models (particularly non Airfix) that you don't need (either original or good quality photocopy) that you would like to donate to this service and keep people building please let me know here. Please note that I only tend to have instructions for car and motorcycle kits.

Shells for banger racing

I know some people like to race slot bangers and so may find a use for reject shells. Obviously these are shells with casting defects but this wouldn't matter for bangering! Subject to availability and obviously do not come with windows or bumpers etc (if applicable). £10 for 3 and it's pot luck what you get!

Slot Car Wheels

Slot car wheels are now listed under Scalextric spares

Static Wheel Sets - These are not currently available, sorry

For static models only at present. Made to order only. Drilled 3/32nd as standard, other sizes on request.Measurements are approximate for guidance only. Supplied unpainted. Other styles sometimes available. Note that wheels are detailed on their outside faces only.Note that these wheels were for static models ONLY, not slot cars.

CodeImageDescriptionPossible Use
Type 1

60s Ford style wheel/crossply tyre

17mm diameter

Anglia, Corsair, Cortina etc
Type 2

60s Ford style wider wheel/tyre

18mm diameter

Competition Anglia, Lotus Cortina etc
Type 3

Rostyle wheel radial tyre

17.5mm or 19mm diameter (state which!)

Many, including Avenger GLS (19mm) etc.

Type 4

Ringed hubcap wheel/tyre

17mm or 18.5mm diameter


Vauxhall and general use
Type 5Ringed hubcap with hub vents, crossply tyreMarina 1300 etc available later
Type 6

60s Triumph with holed embellisher crossply tyre

17.5mm diameter

Herald 13/60
Type 7

As type 6 but no embellisher

17.5mm diameter

Herald 1200, 950 coupe etc
Type 8

60s Ford style with embellisher , crossply tyre

20.5mm diameter

Type 9

as type 8 but no embellisher, chunkier tyre

20mm diameter

Zephyr, Transit etc
Type 10

Pressed hub wheel/radial tyre

17.5mm diameter

Marina 1800TC