Complete slot car kits


Due to wear on most of the tooling, difficulty in obtaining some component parts/materials and ever increasing commitments in the real world I have decided to stop production of the Onethirtysecond range of kits. If the situation changes I may well start production again but I can't see that happening any time soon. This page has been retained for reference purposes.



Kit Details

All kits contained at least

One piece resin bodyshell - unpainted, requires trimming etc.

Body posts and screws

Vac formed window unit (requires trimming)

Specific or general purpose trim to fit vac formed drivers platform/driver and resin drivers head

Slot Classic or PCS 32 plastic injection moulded adjustable chassis

Minilite hubs/tyres/axles etc.

Sprung guide with braids etc.

Mabuchi S motor

Instruction/painting guide sheet.

Appropriate ink jet transfer sheets



Resin kits require more advanced modeling skills and are intended for adult modelers. However anyone who has built their own slot cars around Airfix etc. shells would find no problems with these kits .

In common with most resin kits some trimming/fettling and minor remedial work may have been required.All kits were supplied unpainted.



SCK/001 Triumph Dolomite Road Car


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Images are of the painted standard shell.Whilst adapting to take the body posts I considerably lightened my original Dolomite shell (well it was a little "over engineered") and improved the fit of the window unit. It was intended to produce a rally version which would include transfers for the narrow arch Dolomite RDU 983M as used by Team Unipart in the mid 70s but only the road car version was ever produced.Transfers for number plates and tax discs were included.Based around the normal Dolomite bodyshell kit (see 70/001) that was adapted to take the PCS 32/Slot Classic adjustable chassis - Slot Classic was a better fit. Not a huge seller, some kits went out with Hunter shells instead of Dolomites at the request of the customer.

SCK/002 Hillman AvengerTiger MK2 Road Car


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I had long planned a model of the Hillman Avenger Tiger and this was it.Modeled in its more common mark 2 form with front quarter bumpers cast in and seperate rear spoiler. This spoiler was VERY fragile being cast in resin and was not intended for serious racing use, just parade laps and display purposes. A set of transfers for the Tiger stripes, number plates etc. was included (experience of ink jet transfers recommended!) Please note that the Tiger shell was only available as part of this kit and was NOT be available seperately. Later production of the standard road going Avenger shell (see 70/002) featured the body mount locations for the PCS32/Slot Classic chassis.Slot Classic was a better fit.I loved this model and it built up into a beautiful model, much better than the rough prototype shown in the pictures.

I made one ready to run model of this car in Sundance yellow to customer order.


The Avenger was sold in America as the Plymouth Cricket although I do not know what the Tiger was called.


SCK/003 Works type Hillman Hunter


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I started working on making a works type Hillman Hunter rally car similar to the London to Sydney Marathon winning car but you would have needed to provide your own roof rack and 'roo bars! It was a de bumpered version of my standard Hunter with the rally grill and some of the additional spot lights as well as the re positioned fuel filler. It was also hoped to include an appropriate transfer sheet. Never made it to production.