Welcome to the home page of the things I have for sale, have made or am looking for


Due to wear on most of the tooling, difficulty in obtaining some component parts/materials and ever increasing commitments in the real world I have decided to stop production of the Onethirtysecond range of kits. If the situation changes I may well start production again but I can't see that happening any time soon. This does not affect the Airfix, Scalextric etc stuff that I have for sale.


60s Bodyshells - check here for the resin bodyshells I have made of 60s British saloon cars, suitable for slot racing or as the basis of a static model - for reference only.

70's Bodyshells - same as above but 70s cars obviously. For reference only.

Slot Car Kits - a small range of complete slot car kits based around my shells and the PCS 32 chassis, that were made in VERY small numbers. For reference only.

Conversion Kits - transkits to convert your Airfix 1/32nd car kit to something a little different. For reference only

Estates and Vans - Full static resin kits - for reference only

Saloon Static Kits - Full static resin kits of saloon cars - for reference only

More Bodyshells - a selection of 1/32nd scale resin bodyshells from commercial manufacturers

Chassis, Wheels etc - Scalextric minilites, PCS32 chassis, resin wheels for static models etc

Scalextric - Scalextric and other makes slot cars from my collection - a small selection to start with, more to follow! Plus a few new old stock spares

Plastic Kits - Airfix etc plastic kits that I am not going to get around to if I am being honest, cars, planes, motorcycles etc

Die casts - Dinky, Corgi, Vanguard etc cars looking for a new home

Real car/bike parts - one or two full size car and motorcycle parts taking up space in the garage

Books, Catalogues etc - Modelling or car related books, videos, Scalextric catalogues, Haynes and factory manuals for classic cars etc

Wanted - stuff I want, happy to swap with anything on the above pages or buy

Swap only - As it says, not for sale, only for swapping