Scalextric cars for sale - Tri-ang era

Some later items of this era may be under "middle years"

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Just a few cars that I have amassed over the years.

I have literaly hundreds of slot cars, mostly Scalextric but a few others, many of which I don't really need anymore. I have managed to list a few to start and more to follow. If you don't see what you want, contact me, I may well have it.

I am more than happy to consider swaps, especially for Tri-ang/Hornby railway items, click here for my wants list.

Please read these notes about grading first!

Other cars (including Power sledge cars) are also available in my "swap only" section.


Last updated 20/11/11

C17 Lamborghini Muira yellow, VG in repro Race Tuned box with correct lable - £35

C58 Cooper round pin guide (type 3?) yellow. 2 brown marks, 3mm chip to front of underpan else VG - £18




Formula Juniors

All my Formula Juniors have now been sold, thanks, unless I've missed any.

Early 70s Sports/GT cars

Left to right

C16 Ferrari P4 - blue Johnson large can motor, bolt in type guide.- a few marks to roof otherwise VG £15

C21 Cougar - some damage to waterslide racing numbers otherwise VGC SOLD

C15 Ford Mirage GT - blue Johnson large can motor, clip in type guide. Hairline crack to rear screen otherwise VG+ - £18


Russin Novo cars

In the lates 70s Scalextric leased (or possibly sold) the moulds for the C15 Mirage and the C17 Lamborghini to Russian toy manufacturer Novo for sale behind the iron curtain.

Some made their way back to the UK and this is a pair of them.

Main differences between these and most UK issues are they are made of not as good a plastic as the UK versions so are less strongly coloured (the Lamborghini is particularly pale), use Johnson small can motors and have yellow wheels rather than chrome. This pair is in very good condition but the rear tyres on the Lamorghini rub slightly on the arches. Sold as an interesting footnote collectors item rather than for racing although fully working. £35.


Last updated 20/11/11