Scalextric equipment for sale - Track, buildings etc

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I have literaly hundreds of slot cars, mostly Scalextric but a few others, many of which I don't really need anymore. I have managed to list a few to start and more to follow. If you don't see what you want, contact me, I may well have it.

I am more than happy to consider swaps, especially for Tri-ang/Hornby railway items, click here for my wants list.

Please read these notes about grading first!

Other cars (including Power sledge cars) are also available in my "swap only" section.


C275 Autostart clockwork/electic starting accessory from the 1970s. Very good working condition complete with both track pieces, flag pole, instructions etc in good box (one small end flap missing) complete with inner packaging £15

PT 96 Very rare 1960s remote control cable set for use with pit stop track section. 4 triggers (based on contemporary hand throttle) with bowden cables to operate in and out track sections. Bought as old shop stock and only used a few times so near new condition in VG box with instructions. Very rare. SOLD