Scalextric etc spare for sale

Just a few items that I have amassed over the years. All are brand new unless otherwise stated

(for spares for Onethirtysecond models click here)


Last updated 5/11/12

Scalextric Caterham 7 minilite hubs/tyres

I have now sold all the last remaining stocks of Caterham 7 wheels and tyres I am afraid

Still have some stocks of the large "superslix" tryes, suit TR7, Rover 3500, older F1 rear etc £2.50 set of 4


Chassis/bodyshells/bumpers/mirrors/chromework - some in very small numbers only


Chassis - Metro,Audi Quatro SOLD OUT but may find some more, Rover 3500 2 ONLY, "wobbly wheel" Sierra 1 ONLY or Datsun 1 ONLY - £3 each, Power & Glory BRM P25 £1.50

Bodyshells COMPLETELY BARE (ie no windows,lights,spoilers etc) - MG Maestro (red) 1 only £5, MG Metro (green) 1 only £3. Alfa 155 red 1 only £4

Rover 3500 headlights - £1

BRM P25 Power & Glory issue (also fits original 60s version) cromework set - 1 only £5

Power & Glory Ferrari 312 engine chrome, also fits original C25 version - Last few £1

Power & Glory Ford 3L engine chrome, also fits original version - Last few £1

Escort XR3 spoiler - blue 2 only, - £1 each,

Mirrors, various types, including metro/rover type, le mans etc - £1 a pair

Mirror examples -

Metro/Rover etc type available colours are black last few,yellow last few,white 1 pair only and mid blue 2 sets only

Ford square type (XR3, Mondeo, Sierra etc) last few sets available colours are white, red, dk blue, dk red (maybe brown?)

Renault Laguna spoiler yellow, 1 only - £1

Escort Cosworth spoiler red only - last few £1

Sierra Cosworth spoiler white Fina 1 only or Police livery or plain blue last few - £1.50

C 124 etc type Ferrari 312T airbox red,or green - £1

C 104/120 etc type lobster claw Brabham spoiler red Firestone SOLD OUT, yellow Ninja Turtles 2 ONLY - £1


Odds and ends

Turbo flash circuit board/LED complete, 1 only - £2


Last updated 5/11/12