Scalextric cars for sale - Modern era 1995ish onwards

Some earlier items of this era may be under "Middle ages "

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Just a few cars that I have amassed over the years.

I have literaly hundreds of slot cars, mostly Scalextric but a few others, many of which I don't really need anymore. I have managed to list a few to start and more to follow. If you don't see what you want, contact me, I may well have it.

I am more than happy to consider swaps, especially for Tri-ang/Hornby railway items, click here for my wants list.

Please read these notes about grading first!

Other cars (including Power sledge cars) are also available in my "swap only" section.


Last updated 20/11/11

No particular order here, just as they came out of the box.


Sport Limited editions

None at the moment


Normal Editions

None at the moment


Power & the Glory

C099 Mini Cooper (proper style) green with white chequered roof, some wear to white bonnet stripe stickers else VG boxed with spare guides, transfer sheet etc. SOLD


Older cars - For Mk3 XR3i Escorts, Capris, RS200s etc see under "Middle ages "

C481 Mini Cooper (proper style) Monte Carlo 1964 Red with white roof No.37 Collectors Series 1 0f only 3000 box slightly marked (rubs) car mint £35

C459 Datsun 240Z Red shell No.15 NrM/B £25



Last updated 20/11/11