Conversion Kits


Due to wear on most of the tooling, difficulty in obtaining some component parts/materials and ever increasing commitments in the real world I have decided to stop production of the Onethirtysecond range of kits, apart from, for now at least, the 105E Anglia. If the situation changes I may well start production again but I can't see that happening any time soon. This page has been retained for reference purposes.


The conversion kit series was a small range of kits (sometimes called "Transkits") designed to be used in conjunction with commercialy available plastic kits to easily create new models.





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Surprisingly the GT version of the MGB was never modelled in 1/32nd scale, although several manufacturers produced the Roadster. The kit comprised of a GT bodyshell and window unit to replace the ones supplies in the standard Airfix Roadster kit. Please note that this is NOT a complete bodyshell in its own right but requires the Airfix kit to provide the bonnet etc. A slot racing conversion being performed on one of these shells can be seen here.

CON/002 1968 VW Beetle

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An easy way of updating the Airfix 1964 1200 VW Beetle to late 60s spec. Kit consisted of bodyshell, window unit, separate bumpers (very fragile and not recommended for slot racing use!) and later pattern hubs/hubcaps to replace those in the Airfix kit. This was a complete bodyshell in its own right and did not require the Airfix kit for slot racing use. It was however fairly thin and might benefit from some reinforcement before racing! To see a slot racing version of this see the gallery or this external link.

Surprisingly not a big seller this one, despite all the available slot versions being of the 50s style beetle. Not very many made.