The Gallery is a showcase for any model cars to 1/32nd scale that have been built not bought. It features some of my early efforts plus contributions from other modellers. If you have a 1/32nd model that you have built, whether it's from scratch, a Onethirtysecond kit (most welcome!), an old kit you've restored from a wreck, a slot car conversion or just an Airfix E-type that you are particularly chuffed with, send it to me here and I will consider it for inclusion. Please keep image files (JPEGS only) as small as possible please (use ZIP type compression or they take ages to download) and only send one or two pictures at a time.

Updated June 04 - Lots of new items added from other modellers and from the vaults! I've tried to include everything people have sent me but I know I may have lost some! If yoy have sent me pictures that I said I would put up and haven't please let me know!


ADO 16s #1, MG1100 Mk 1, Austin 1300GT


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A recreation of the Airfix MG1100 using a good quality copy bodyshell.Seats etc yet to be fitted and bumpers to be painted, although the grill has been done in bare metal foil. Note the differences in the rear fins/tail lights between the ADO 16 Mk 1 (as on the MG1100) and the 1300/1100 Mk2 (as on the 1300GT).

ADO 16s #2, Vac Formed Wolseley 1300

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Before discovering resin and silicone I used to make static models by vac forming. This Wolseley 1300 was constructed from 6 seperate vac formings in the body alone (2 sides, roof, boot, bonnet top and front panel) before the grill etc was added from plastic strip, fuse wire etc. A painfuly slow process with all the parts having to be blended together and one that I was happy to drop after discovering silicone. Compare the awful blured tail lights (inevitable with vac forming) with those of the 1300GT above.



Models by Mike Sells #1- 1956 Lincoln Continental


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Mike is an American 1/32nd modeller (unusual itself in the land of 1/25th) of no little talent who has been modelling since the last slot car boom.This is his build of the very rare original Revell/AMT 1956 Lincoln Continental.Take a look at tha dashboard and remember this is 1/32nd scale, most of us would have trouble doing that in 1/24th! For more of Mikes models see below or click here.

Models by Mike Sells #2 1956 Ford and 1955 Chevy El Camino

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A couple of Mikes conversions here. First we have a 1956 Ford Hard Top. This started out as a previously built rare Revell/AMT 56 covertable which Mike has restored and cleverly grafted on the roof from the Revell 57 hard top snap kit.

The 55 Chevy El Camino is a "Phantom", ie a car that was never actually built but could have been. It is a pick up created from the (excellent) Gunze Sangyo 55 Chevy Bel Air Nomad estate car and looks just right.



Models by Mike Sells #3- Allard J2X


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Mike doesn't just build 50s yanks. Here is a superb model of the Allard J2X based around a resin bodyshell made by Greg Perolatti and some Ninco wire wheels (of course). Take a moment to check out that engine.

Models by Mike Sells #4 1956 Mercury

Another of those rare Revell/AMT kits, this time a 1956 Mercury. I have never seen any of these kits in the UK and they are rare in the US. Nothing but a 50s American car could get away with a pink and white two tone paint job! And yes, I have seen Vauxhall PA Crestas!


Morris Marina 1300 saloon slot car by Richard Davis


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Richard has sent me some pictures of a slot car based on his first car - a 1973 Morris Marina 1300SDL. Body is my version of the series 1 1300 saloon and has been fitted with his own wipers, mirror, ariel etc - I love the black painted sills common on Marinas after having to have had the rusty sills replaced, often at a young age (my dads 1300 estate had to have the sills "repaired" (they didn't replace them, only filled them) under its manufacturers 1 year warranty!). Chassis is worthy of note, being an upside down Scalextric F1! Wheels are Scalex Lotus 7 with Bare Metal Foil covered washers for hubcaps and the car is fitted with working headlights, tail lights and brake lights from an F40 or similar. Nice one!



VW Beetle slot car by Richard Davis

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Richard says these are the first resin kits he has built but I think he's fibbing as you'd never know it! A superb VW beetle using my CON/002 shell and made to match a picture in a VW magazine.Another Scalex F1 chassis but this time the right way up! Wheels and tyres are MRRC Porsche with my hubcaps fitted.Looks kind of crowded in there!



60s Performance saloon J Mk X


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One of the currently available resin body shells (1/32nd modellers haven't had it so good since the 60s) of the Mk X. A reasonable representation but it did need a few mould witness lines removing and some door handles fitting. Chassis is scratch built using 2mm plastic sheet and some wheels from an Airfix 420. Seats from the same source have since been fitted.


Re-issue of Airfix mini kit

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I was very pleased to discover that the old Airfix 1/32nd mini kit is still available (see other makers models) and had to build one (or several!) up. Apart from scribing in some panel lines around the front wings this is built pretty much as it comes, including the number plate stickers.Moulds have been slightly altered since the 60s with the skirts and tail lights now being part of the body casting. Windows are now a one piece unit and the head lights are chrome plated. With these kits available at a fraction of the price of the originals van and estate car conversions are once again a viable proposition.



Riley Elf static kit


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The Riley Elf was basicaly an upmarket 60s version of the mini with a boot. This is my build of the currently available static kit (see other makers models) that is a hybrid resin shell and plastic kit. Bodyshell is a resin casting and the chassis is a plastic kit made from the old Airfix moulds. Boot floor and exhaust pipe need extending to suit the Elfs longer boot but building is otherwise straight forward.Quality is very good but unfortunately wheels and dash are still standard mini rather than the Riley versions.

Triumph Dolomite and Toledo

Although at first glance appearing vey similar there are many subtle differences between the Toledo and the Dolomite.Although both 70s cars both are descended from the original Triumph 1300 FWD of the 60s, the Toledo visually only differing from the 1300 by badging and the front end which has 2 square headlights incorpoated into a grill rather than the 1300s seperate round lights and "nose cone" but the Dolomite to reflect its more upmarket status and bigger engines gained a square egg box type grill with 4 round lights and a longer boot.For more on the differences see 70/005.By 1976 the Toledo was droped and the 1300 and 1500 engines were available in the Dolomite shell, although with the square Toledo headlights (HL version of the 1500 gained the 4 round headlights) possibly to use up parts!

Both cars have been available from Onethirtysecond, see 70s Collection.

My Collection


A selection from my collection! Airfix etc kits, kit conversions and my own bodyshells; vac-formed and cast resin. Some are detailed below.

Renault Dauphine

What to do with a previously built kit. The windows on this Airfix Renault Dauphine were covered in glue and beyond re use so I decided to create an old banger. A coat of matt paint (use a brush it adds to the "banger" feel) and a "new" wing was added in black "primer" and a door supposedly from another car all add to the dilapidated air. Add rust patches and loads of dirt (especially on the windows - use grey) and you're there. Lets face it, very few cars out on the road are in show room condition so something like this adds realism to a diorama.

Mexican Beetle


A nice conversion by JAK of a CON/002 into a Mexican beetle slot car. For more information on this conversion see his website.

Anglia 105E Police Car

A bit of fun! 105E Anglia Police car built for my 5 year old boy - hence the wide track! - using 60/001 and Scalextric etc parts. And yes, the lights do all light up (but unfortunately not flash!)



A simple conversion to slot car - an Airfix MGB kit fitted with Scalextric Metro chassis and Ninco wire wheels.


Another variation on the MGB slot car theme - an MGB GT built using CON/001, Airfix MGB Roadster, Scalextric metro chassis and Ninco wire wheels.



Some nice 1/32nd Jaguars by Adrian Johnstone. 420 is a well-restored Airfix kit and the E - type is built using (I believe - correct me if I'm wrong Adrian) a Supershells body. Adrian has provided many of the parts of Onethirtysecond kits.

Bedford S Tanker

A 1950s/60s Bedford S type petrol tanker for use in my Scalextric pit area! Cab is from an Airfix military truck as are front wheels. Rest is scratchbuilt - must get some better transfers!

Viva Variants


Three variations of the HA Vauxhall Viva - from the vaults! White SL90 saloon is a slot car using 60/002 bodyshell kit. Green deluxe is a static model made from vac formings and resin parts as is the ex BT Bedford van.

World of Sport

Some trackside scenery for a period Scalextric layout - a scratch built TV tower based on the original Scalextric one. If you are old enough to remember World Of Sport you are old enough to identify the van!

105E Anglia


Another early effort here. A 105E Anglia made from vac formings and an Airfix Escort chassis. This model has since been remade as a resin body shell 60/001.

Austin A35

I couldn't resist making this "distressed" A35 conversion from one of the BMC 32 slot car kits. Wheels come from an Airfix Austin Healey frogeye Sprite.

Triumph Herald 13/60 Saloon


A very nice 13/60 saloon made by Chris Longhurst using a 60/003 bodyshell on an Airfix 1200 chassis. Wedgwood blue if I'm not mistaken?


Morris Marina 1300 Coupe - Team Unipart

A 70/003 Marina coupe fitted with Scalextric Datsun chassis and Caterham 7 Minilite wheels.The livery is based on that used by Team Unipart on their Marina coupe driven by Brian Culcheth in 1975. I am not sure if the competion dept. car NBL 786L ever bore the Unipart livery, however NBL 782M definetly did. Transfers were created on the computer using Bare Metal foil inkjet transfer paper and were my first attempt at using this stuff - turned out OK! Careful though, these transfer sheets need to be sprayed with acrylic lacquer before use but if you use too much they come out looking like 80s SCX type stickers!