Stuff I'll never get around to....



Here is a list of some of the kits I have taking up space in the loft. If I am honest I am unlikely to get around to most of them and there are a lot of others I need to have a ruthless cull of too.

I am always intersted in swapping so have a look at my wanted page to see if there is anything we can trade, especially after model railways at the moment, my sons latest passion!

Please be aware that these kits were bought with building in mind not collecting so box condition was not a high priority, however if the box is particularly bad I will state it but don't expect a mint box unless it is described as such

In no particular order....


For more information on Airfix header types see this external site

AMT/Ertl 8034 1996 Chevrolet Camaro Z88 convertable 1/25th.Bags sealed, tyres loosely fitted to wheels, transfers missing. £5

Heller 80-161 Peugeot 403 1/43rd £5

Heller 80-171 Mercedes 450SL 1/43rd £7.50

Heller 160 Peugeot 203 1/43rd older style box, contents sealed £5

Revell 85-2579 VW beetle convertable (70s style) 1/25th box torn. £8

MPC 1-3728 Custom Corvette 1/24th £8

Airfix 07407 Ford Focus WRC '02 1/24th, still sealed, £7.50

Arii 1/32nd car kits.

All of the Arii kits below were bought from Hong Kong a few years ago. They are all mint, however most have been opened for a look and one or two may have had the odd part removed from sprue, usually the wheels, but are complete. A lovely range of kits of unusual prototypes.

Click here for more information on the Arii range

£10 each.

No 2 1971 Honda ZGSS

No 3 1964 Honda S600

No 5 1967 Honda N360

No 6 1955 Toyopet Crown

No 14 1969 Bellett 1600GT

No 16 1961 Toyota Publica

No 21 1963 Prince Skyline

No 23 1965 Porsche 911S

No 27 1960 Bluebird 1000

No 28 1964 Gloria Super 6

No 32 1964 Prince Gloria

No 40 1966 Contessa 1300

No 47 1970 Gallant GTO-MR