Scalextric cars for sale


A couple of notes on grading, if a car is described as mint (or m) it has to the best of my knowledge and belief NEVER BEEN USED AT ALL, apart from possibly a power supply to the braids to check the motor. It was either bought new by myself or bought as mint from a reputable source and can see no evidence to the contrary.Not everybody sticks to this.However like all "new" stuff it is possible that it has factory faults, I am particularly thinking here of late eighties/early nineties car which often left the factory with a split pinion gear until the reinforced gear was introduced.

Descriptions are perhaps slightly more generous towards the 1960s cars (which are all more than 35 years old now) and although all 60s cars run and have visually presentable tyres and servicable guides etc (unless otherwise stated) they are sold as collectors items and I am NOT guaranteeing them as suitable for racing use - they may well be but I am not guaranteeing it.


Mint (M) Perfect. As brand new, never used

Very Good (VG) - Nothing wrong, but not mint. Maybe a small part (eg mirror) missing. No repro parts (unless stated) or damage.

Good (G) - No major defects, maybe several repro parts but otherwise complete

Fair (F) - Missing parts or damaged but at least 75% usable

Poor (P) - crap basicaly, maybe useful for spares