What's on the bench, Chris?


An interesting Premier 1/24th plastic kit of the Ford 100E Prefect kindly loaned by Tom Wysom


The first of my reviews of current resin kits - the BMC 32 mini comercials

For a variety of reasons I haven't been able to do very much with any of these recently. What little time I have had recently for modelling has been taken up with casting the existing range of shells, building a 1/8th scale Norton Commando Street Scrambler (might take some pictures of that when I get the time) and working on my sons model railway (old model railways wanted to swap!).Unfortunately I can't see things changing in the immediate future but you never know...My particular appologies to those who are waiting for the Corsair and the Marina estate.


On these pages you can see what I am currently working on, everything from slapping a plastic kit together through conversions to the latest scratch built Onethirtysecond bodyshell.Hopefuly I will update these as work progresses (time permiting) and relate any problems I come up against (and my attempted solutions) which may be useful in your own work. I may also make the odd plea for help with parts, plans, ideas etc! Once finished I will archive them for future reference.



Plastic kits

Nothing plastic at the moment but I will no doubt find something to do with the new Airfix re releases of the Escort, Herald and Viva when they hit the shops

Scalextric etc shell conversions to family owned cars

Scalex Ford Capri 3.0 MKIII to 1600 MKII - boy racers favorite gets turned into mums shopper...

Part 1 - Starting off, skirts and head lights 20/05/04

Part 2 - interior,bumpers, grill etc - nearly finished! 18/06/04

Scalex MG Maestro to Austin Maestro VDP - Its too long!

Part 2 - All finished bodyshell

Morris Marina Estate Car - see under Onethirtysecond shells

Onethirtysecond shells

Original Late 60s Hillman Hunter - Did win the 68 London To Sidney Marathon but more of a stepping stone to the Rapier Fastback

Part 2 - Details added and gone into the mold 01/07/04

Part 3 - Finished! Grills and plug for window unit 12/07/04

Morris Marina estate car - Pet project as we owned a series 2 Marina 1300 estate for years, although I'm starting with the series 1 1800.

Ford Corsair - VERY early stages this one.


Possible future scratchbuilt and conversion projects may include some of the following, (some just for me and some as Onethirtysecond shells although I believe some of these may be appearing from other makers and if they beat me to it I won't bother!)

Ford Corsair, MK1 Cortina 4 door Super and estate (both pre 65 facelift), MKII Cortina, MKIII Cortina, Anglia estate, MKIII Zephyr, MKIII Zodiac Estate and in my darker moments I sometimes contemplate the MKIV Zodiac but I'm usually better by morning..

Morris Marina Estate, Austin 1100 MKII automatic (family car), Landcrab, wedge Princess, A40 MKII, Austin Allegro (!) mini clubman estate, mini Countryman, A55 or A60/Oxford, Rover P6, Rover 216 (early 90s)

Triumph 1300 FWD, 2000 MK1, 2000 MKII, MK IV Spitfire, GT6

Vauxhall HB Viva (this one's been started but....), HC Viva, Bedford CA farmers utility brake (minibus) and Romany Dormobile

Jaguar GT conversion for Airfix Roadster, XJ6 or 12 (an XJ12C has now been released by Highway 32)

Some will be conversions of existing models and some will be scratchbuilt but the sheer quantity (plus all the unbuilt plastic kits I've got) means that only a fairly small percentage will ever get done and don't ask me which as I work as the whim takes me at the moment! If you can supply me with models or sources of models to save me the effort for any of the above let me know!