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A rare and interesting Ford 100E kit in 1/24th by Premier

Kindly loaned by Tom Wysom


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Availability update 5th March 2009

Whilst not a million seller exactly I have been suprised at the relative popularity of this shell. However, this does mean that the moulds for the bumpers are now worn out plus nobody seems to really want the seats/wheels so, whilst I will keep on casting shells when asked untill the mould wears out it will be the shell only, as in the photos below. Price is still £15 as most of the resin goes in the shell! I have been promised a photo build up by Dean Cox which I will put on this site when ready. This is very welcome as I haven't had time to build one myself yet!

Update on the Prefect 28th January 2007

Adam informs me that it is definetely a 100E Prefect as the 107E had a sloping chrome flash on the front wing, which now he says it I can remember it. I have been allowed by Tom to make some copies and these are now more or less ready if anybody wants one. Tom was happy for me to assemble the multi piece body to make things easier (for which I am grateful) so what you would get is a one piece body shell (with lights, grill and other small fittings already attached), seperate bumpers, seats, dashboard (the steering wheel was too crude to be worth copying) and a set of wheels. As I don't have access to a lathe at the moment these won't be drilled or finished on the inside face, however they are not particularly good so for a static you would be better off fitting the ones from a Tamiya Lotus 7 or similar if they fit (haven't been able to check). For someone who normaly works in 1/32nd this kit was a surprise in how much silicone and resin it took to make so I am having to be slightly less fussy about the quality of castings so bear in mind that a little remedial work may be required, but nothing too bad.For various reasons I won't be making a vac form for the windows but as these are all pretty flat it should be easy to knock these up out of acetate etc. Lot of resin involved so price is £15 (my normal price) and I will only be making one or two, this will not be a normal stock item.

Further update - Tor from Norway believes this was originaly available as a Revell kit - I would guess Revell Germany rather than Revell GB as it is left hand drive.

The Prefect shell as cast


The original kit


Quick summary

Manufacturer:Premier Products Co. Brooklyn 21, NY

When made: Probably early 1960s

Scale: 1/24th

Ref. number:271-89

Model: Ford 100E/107E (exact model unclear)

Price: Loaned by Tom Wysom, not for sale!

Slot suitability:1/24th anyway and too rare to matter

Static suitability: Given it's the only kit of a 100E I've ever seen it's your only choice. Could be good with a bit of work and maybe the wheels from a Tamiya Lotus 7 kit.

Casting: Injection moulded plastic, some chrome plated parts and rubberish tyres.

Kit contents: Multi piece bodyshell, interior, one piece window unit, chrome parts for bumpers, lights etc, metal axles and "rubberlike" wheels/tyres.



OK so it's not 1/32nd scale but it fulfills the other main criteria of this site by being a kit of an everyday car, and you can't get much more everyday than a Ford Prefect.

I am much indebted to ex pat Tom Wysom (now living in Canada), long term correspondent of mine, for the generous loan of this interesting little kit. I knew very little about Premier models other than their existence in a historical way so it was fascinating to get my hands on one.

What can I tell you about it? Well it is an early 60s kit with the typical multi piece body of that time. It is a bit crude to say the least but does have some chrome parts and is certainly recognisable as a 100E type, but which one exactly? Short answer is I don't know for certain, the box is giving nothing away by describing it purely as an "English Ford" and the wonderful period box art (complete with the Houses Of Parliament in the background in case you were in any doubt of it's Englishness) seems to show a 107E Prefect. For those who don't know a 107E was a 100E 4 door only shell fitted with the overhead valve engine and running gear of the classic 105E Anglia (of which I do a model) originaly made alongside the 105E for a couple of years after the discontinuation of the side valve 100E. However inside the box we have a 2 door shell (so 100E) yet the crude 2 piece engine seems to be overhead valve but its too crude to be sure of anything. To complicate matters the 100E was available as an Anglia (basic), Popular (almost as basic) and the slightly more up market Prefect. The Anglia and Popular both had variations of horizontaly slatted grills and this kit has vertical slats so best guess is a 2 door 100E Prefect if there was such a thing or an Anglia fitted with a Prefect grill (the tail lights are wrong for the Popular).

It matters not, really. I think it's great and due to the unlikelyhood of me ever getting one of my own I am approaching Tom about the possibilty of making one or two copies of the main components. If you are interested in one let me know, but I will only be doing one or two, if any. It could look quite good with a fair amount of imput and a set of wheels from the Tamiya Lotus 7, perhaps even the OHC engine as well for you hot rodders. Lets face it, you are not going to find a 100E anywhere else that I know of. If anyone can come up with an equally obscure kit for a Corsair or a Consul Classic etc let me know!

Once again my thanks to Tom Wysom


Others in the range (box side art)


Also available were a Triumph TR3, Allard, Jaguar (XK120 type), Le Sabre, Nash (Austin to you and me) Healey and the inevitable VW. The predominance of non US models and the fact that it seems to work out as 1/24th rather than the more usual US scale of 1/25th makes me wonder if the tooling was bought/borrowed/hired from a European or Japanese manufacturer, anybody know for certain? - Tor from Norway belives this to have originaly been a Revell kit, I would guess Revell Germany rather than Revell GB because it is left hand drive, any more info anyone?

My thanks are also due to Mat Irvine (well known car and space modeller and author of many excellent books on the subject of car modelling - I have his excellent Auto Modelling Masterclass) who says that the Prefect was American in origin, tooled by Premier themselves, and that 1/24th was not that unusual in the US at that time. It still seems a very strange choice for an American manufacturer though.




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