Scalex Ford Capri 3.0 MKIII to 1600 MKII

part 2 - interior,bumpers, grill etc - nearly finished! 18/06/04

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Just about ready for painting.All holes filled and reshaping done.The vinyl roof has been added using masking tape and micro strip for the trims. Huws Capri didn't have a chrome strip along the side but did have a gold pinstripe so as an experiment I have put a microstrip down it to make it easier to paint the stripe on. We shall see....

The only thing missing is the 1.6 badges from the front wings, these were added next, made from very fine electric motor armature winding wire. The 1 was easy but the 6 had to be wrapped around two different sizes of jewellers screwdrivers. If you try this leave a long tail on the wire to use as a handle when glueing, cutting off after the glue has set.

Luckily a tin of Ford Roman Bronze was found in Huws garage to spray it up after priming.Car metallics look a little strange on models because the size of the metallic particles are way over scale but overspraying with lacquer improves things a bit. It doesn't however photograph too well - car is quite smooth and shiney in the flesh.




Capri parts all ready for assembly.

Bumpers were shaped from plastic stock with the rub strips added from half round strip.They were then covered in Bare Metal Foil. Unfortunaetly my foil has got a bit crumpled so ended up being done in lots of small pieces!

Chassis is 2mm plastic card and is cut to be just wide enough that the body has to be sprung open slightly to get it inside where it sits against some plastic strip glued inside the doors.This way it holds itself in without glueing allowing easy disassembley later if required. The seats and dash/steering wheel (upside down in picture, not LHD) are copies of Airfix MK1 Capri (no Airfix kits were harmed in the making of this model!).Wheels are SCX Fiesta MK1 (which are actually Renault 5 pattern but pretty close).

Windows were vac formed over an original Scalex unit but this obviously makes them slightly bigger so fit is a bit strained.The normal thing to do is to cast a resin plug in the vac forming and reduce this slightly in size all round. Tricky and not worth it for a one off like this. Wipers are made from fuse wire, longer tail donates drivers side.

Grill is a piece of Perspex cut to fit betwwen headlights and covered with fine mesh layed on at 45 degrees to give a diamond pattern. Chrome trim is fuse wire and Ford badge was made using a small piece of microstrip stuck to grill. Its just about possible to write Ford on it at this size but you wouldn't want to try Chevrolet or Wolseley!

Tail lights are just pieces of Perspex. The original Scalex ones could be used if it had still had them but actually the MK II has a different layout of the lights to the MKIII. MK II goes (from outside in) indicator (amber) 3 red segments then reversing light (clear). The Scalex MKIII lights have the reversing lights one segment further out and red on the inside segment. Trivial but these things make all the difference, especially if you are going to show it to a Capri enthusiast who will enjoy picking faults.

Nearly there. Gold pin stripe has turned out so-so but otherwise I'm quite pleased.Chrome strip on tailgate doesn't look right either and may not have had one anyway so may get removed.All thats left to do know is paint the vinyl roof dark brown (darker than the bodywork) and put the chrome trim on the guttering. Mirror should probably be chrome too but I want to find out for sure before I paint it.

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