I've been meaning to do this for a while! Answers to some of the questions I am asked most often. They are not neccessarily in any particular order but more as I think of them!

FAQ #1 - Why no contact address/phone number?

Answer - This is only a hobby so have to keep some sort of limit on how much time I spend on it! As this is an internet based project all contact can normaly be handled by email and I prefer to know whats happening rather than receiving orders out of the blue! This way I can plan ahead and give minimum delay in supply. My family also prefer not to receive too many strange saddos (as most of us are) turning up on the doorstep. Obviously I will supply address for sending of any payment/swaps etc and if you really need to talk to me by phone then I will supply a number but evenings/weekends only!

FAQ #2 - Do you take credit cards?

Answer - No, I'm afraid not. Cash/cheque or Postal Order only (GBP sterling drawn on a UK bank) However I am always happy to consider swaps for 1/32nd car kits, model railways etc (see wanted ) in any condition and give very good exchange against my own make stuff.

FAQ #3 - Will you post abroad?

Answer - Yes, quite happy to. My kits have gone all over the world, most places cost only £3 airmail. However see FAQ #2 with regards to payment.

FAQ #4 - Are your kits copies?

Answer - No they are not. Most of my shells are completely scratch built and those that are based on existing shells are pretty obvious but have been altered considerably. For instance the GT conversion kit for the Airfix MGB roadster is obviously based around an Airfix Roadster otherwise it would work as a transkit! I have of course made copies in the past both for myself and for others but there are plenty of people already doing this so generaly I stick to things no one else does. I can sometimes supply other peoples copies but price/quality/supply varies considerably!

FAQ #5 - Why do you make models of such boring cars?

Short answer - Because I can!

Longer answer - Because these are the cars that have significance to my life. Very few of us have ever owned a Ferrari or Porsche etc whereas these are the cars we had as our first car or our dad took us to the seaside in or we saw getting smashed up on the telly in the New Avengers or the Sweeney. I am not interested in all cars (I'm more into British motorcycles) just those of a certain (possibly) happier/simpler time. When I showed a mate the first Anglia I made he said "If you are going to spend 6 months making something why not do a Ferrari?" to which I said " If I'm going to spend 6 months making something it's going to be something I like!" I know Ferraris etc would probably sell better but then thats not why I got into this.

FAQ #6 - OK then, if that's the case, why aren't there more Fords?

Answer - Because most of the Fords I like have already been done! See Ford . I am however just at the early stages of a Corsair

FAQ #7 - How accurate are they?

Answer - Hmmm....tricky....The honest answer is that they are as accurate as I can make them based on the information,facilities and skill at my disposal without spending forever on them. I can't absolutely guarantee accuracy of scaling or detail but they pretty good. Static modellers will probably find areas that they can improve on but I've done most of the work for them!

FAQ #8 - Can you supply your kits ready made/made to order?

Answer - Not normaly as I don't have the time. Its not completely impossible but unlikely and I wouldn't know what to charge anyway. You'll get more out of it if you do it yourself!

FAQ #9 - Do you take commisions?

Answer - If it's a car I like then I would consider it but it can take up to 6 months if starting from scratch so wouldn't be cheap!

FAQ #10 - Can you supply slot chassis for your kits?

Answer - Not at the moment but I am trying to find a supplier of suitable adjustable chassis. Many of my kits will take a suitably adapted Scalextric chassis and I will note this where known.

FAQ #11 - Do your shells have chassis mounts built in?

Answer - Some more recent ones feature mounts for the PCS32 chassis. Fitting your own mounts is not difficult, even if it's just a block of balsa wood!

FAQ #12 - What are you going to do next?

Answer - Look in What's on the bench? to see what I'm doing, what stage it's at and what I may do next.

FAQ # 13 - I have an Airfix xyz kit that is missing a bit or has no instructions, can you help?

Answer - Quite possibly, see accessories.

FAQ # 14 - I have an Airfix xyz kit, can you tell me what it's worth?

Answer - Probably more than it ought to be but less than you would like! Some dealers charge ridiculously high prices (buy I suppose they must get them) but in my opinion most unbuilt Airfix kits fall between about £12 and £35 - 40 depending on age, desirabilty or whether it has been re issued. There will be exceptions and some people will pay more for a particular packaging style. Collectors will pay more than builders (fair enough since once you build it it is worth next to nothing) and I fall somewhere between the two. Once I have one for reference (and possible parts copying) I build any others that come along! Condition and completeness is everything, damaged/missing packaging will bring the price down with collectors at least as will missing or broken parts. A missing small part will probably not affect things too much, especially if a replacement can be cast from another one in the kit (like a wheel) but major parts are a different matter. In the end it is worth only what someone will pay for it. If you have any you want to sell let me now and I give very good swaps against the kits I make.One final thought - don't use Ebay as a price guide! I have seen identical kits reach stupid prices one day and be cheap as chips the next.

FAQ # 15 - Do you have any Airfix kits to sell?

Answer - If I have they will be listed here .Also sometimes available to swap.

FAQ # 16 - Did anyone make a model of a .....

Answer - I have tried to list out all the models I know of here of British cars of the 60s and 70s, this due for updating as there have been a great many new models made in the last few years.

FAQ # 17 - I make resin shells, would you be interested in selling them?

Answer - Quite possibly if they fit in with the type of cars on this site. I don't have enough money to buy them in however so would have to be on a Sale or Return basis. I also like to swap my shells for yours for my own use. I am always happy to chat with other resin modellers in any case (see below)

FAQ #18 - I'm trying to make my own resin models/silicone molds etc but need help...

Answer - Don't be afraid to have a go and always be prepared to make mistakes and experiment (unless its with some really rare and/or expensive kit that is....) While a complete guide to resin/silicone molding/casting is not something I have the time to write at the moment I am always happy to offer help and advice on specifics where I can but I'm still learning too. This is a hobby so I don't keep "trade secrets" as such and it would be great if more people had a go. It can work out expensive in materials though (especially the making mistakes bit, which you will - trust me) but you can always sell your original creations to try and re coup some of it, which is where I came in.....