Before we go any further though, the usual disclaimers....


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VEHICLE NUMBER PLATES - any number plates displayed on models on this site are either from cars owned by myself/friends/relations, taken from period publicity photos or are just plain made up! Any similarity to any other registration living or dead is pure coincidence!

MODEL ACCURACY - All models are as accurate as I can reasonably make them bearing in mind this is only a hobby and are based on such information as I can find. However I offer no gaurantees as to accuracy of either scaling or detail but I do my best! Where I know a model to be incorrect (e.g made to fit a particular slot car chassis) I will note this. As real cars vary in detail across the production years I try to base them on a particular model year and will note this, otherwise they are made to be appropriate to as many years of production as possible.


Got a problem with any of the above? Then please let me know and I will look into it.