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60s and 70s car colours

British Leyland 1970s

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I am indebted to Adrian Johnstone for providing this list (with descriptions) of BL colours

Early 70's:

Flame Red - bright red,

Teal Blue - Deep greeny blue,

Mallard - Dark green,

Mirage - lilac,

Blaze - orange,

Citron - Bright lime green,

Antique gold - sort of a baby's soiled nappy colour,

Harvest Gold - mid gold, looks lovely when polished!,

Black Tulip - deep purple,

Aconite - vibrant purple,

Damask Red - Maroon,

Bronze yellow - orangy/mustard,

Bracken -darker version.

Metallics were:

Lagoon Blue - a beautiful rich mid blue,

Cosmic - mid blue,

Rheingold - Bronze,

Mid Seventies:

Brooklands Green - dk green,

Sandglow - Custardy,

Russet - chocky brown,

Tahiti Blue - Bright mid blue,

Flamenco - orangy red,

Carmine Red - wine,

Java - emerald green (for TR7 and mini only)

Metallics were:

Reynard - copper colour,

Brazil - Dark Brown,

Astral blue - mid blue,

Jade Green - pale green,

Late 70's:

Snapdragon - Bright Yellow,

Applejack - Bright Green,

Pageant Blue - mid blue,

Vermillion - orangy red,

Metallics were:

Oyster - honey colour again stunning when polished almost pearlescent!,

Tara Green - grass green,

and plain old silver,

all the metallics did not fare well as they were not oversprayed with a clear coat so they suffered badly with abrasion and dulled very quickly, there was also a problem with an incompatibility with a rather fetching duck egg green primer they used - in as much as the paint blistered with age and came away leaving the primer showing through!

Triumph had their own colours ( 1972 Triumph ) all of which I don't know but shared some of the above, some Triumph only were Sapphire Blue - Navy, Honysuckle - a lovely pale lemon yellow, Maple- chock brown, French Blue - light blue, Saffron - orangy yellow, Pimento - bright red, mimosa - yellow.