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last updated 21/4/04


AURORA (US) - No longer in production

Aurora produced a vast number of car kits in various scales and compiling a list has been a mamouth task! They acquired a range of sports car kits from Advance in the early 60s but also produced dozens of their own. Often the sports car kits were re issued after a year or so as custom versions but these can usually still be built as stock. The Hot Rod type kits (usually of pre war vehicles) seem to have only been available as Hot Rods and cannot usually be built as stock.

The quality of the kits I have seen is very good and kits like the Ferrari could be built without painting the shell if desired as the shine is very high.Scaling however is not always spot on, the Spitfire for instance is slightly too small but this may have been one of the moulds from Advance so is perhaps not Auroras fault! Certainly it is not far enough out to be that worrying.

I do not believe for one minute that this is a complete list, or that every kit has been put in the right section (indeed I have put some in multiple catagories to be safe) but I am sure if anyone has any further information they will let me know! Mike Sells in the US reckons there was a Demolition Derby Buick as well as the Ford, which would make sense, anybody know the number?

I believe that Aurora also made RTR Slot Cars but am still looking into this, anybody have any info?

I have seperated the lists across several pages for simplicity.

Sports, saloon and racing cars

Customs, Hot Rods, Dragsters etc

TV Related, Emergancy Vehicles, Indy Cars etc

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