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1/32nd Static kits suitable for slot racing conversions


update 10/5/09

Ricky Allen has kindly provided a scan of the Airfix catalogue containing the FD Victor estate based Rebel Rouser custom car kit which settles the matter of wether this kit was a Victor or an Escort (see further down this page). This kit never made it into production, possible reasons for this include lack of sales for the custom car series, Airfixs' deteriorating financial position at this time or even the racist connotations (in America at least) of the Southern Cross Rebel flag - although that didn't stop the General Lee! Click on the image below to see the entire custom car page from that catalogue.Use your browsers back button to return to this page.


AIRFIX (UK) - series 4

Very small series this, with only 3 kits plus a possible! The Custom Cars were based on the standard car kits but with added custom parts (fat back wheels, spoilers, big exhausts etc) and a large sheet of transfers. They were very expensive and must have been a bit of a dissapointment. The Capri probably wasn't too bad value but the Cortina was from series 1 originaly and its going to take more than a set of transfers to make that series 4!

Click on any of the above catalogue images to see the full catalogue page. Use your browsers back button to return to this page, Images supplied by Rick Allen.

From the little I have seen of them they don't seem to have altered the moulds that much but parts do seem to have dissapeared (wheels at least) but it should be possible to make a standard version out of them, if you can find one.(see update below).

The only evidence that I have for the Ford Escort based Rebel Rouser was from a list from the early eighties but that had them all down as 1/24th scale so none too reliable! Certainly it is a logical development of the series but was it ever made? The Escort has been re issued in standard form since then so either it never happened or it is possible to alter the moulds back, in which case, lets have a Zodiac reissue please! See update at top of page for the latest information on the Rebel Rouser

Although these cars are rarer than the standard versions they do not command such high prices when they do appear. Fair enough I think!


Model No.Approx. issueModelRarityComments
04401-11980?Kansas Cruiser5Custom version of M8C Cortina
04402-41980Night Prowler5Custom version of M201C Zodiac
04403-41980Krackle Kat5Custom version of M303C Capri
04404-0 Rebel Rouser Custom version of Escort or Victor estate?


LATEST UPDATES Thanks to Adrian Johnstone (Cortina) and Dave Diamond (Capri) I now have two of the Custom Car kits. I can confirm that they have lost the original wheels (shame, especially the superb Capri Rostyles), front skirts and a few minor parts plus have gained extra holes for sidewinder exhausts, jacked up suspension etc. The Capri has also gained a large hole in the bonnet for a supercharger type thing.

Dean Benton tells me that the Vauxhall Victor estate was planned as a further release in this series and Airfix told him that they got as far as altering the molds so a re issue of the standard Victor is unlikely. He has seen a picture of it, possibly in an 80s catalogue, can anybody supply me with a copy/scan? Also what was the name given to it? - It now seems likely that the Rebel Rouser was indeed the Victor and not the Escort as I originaly thought, thanks to everyone who contributed information on this. See top of page for catalogue scan of the Victor Rebel Rouser.

I have picked up an MPC issue of the Ford Capri in its European Racers series, which is the standard Airfix kit (ie pre Krackle Kat) but with chrome plated parts. Does anyone know definetively when this was issued? The main tie up with MPC was in the eighties, after the Krackle Kat, but I believe moulds were exchanged before then. If the MPC Capri is post Krackle Kat then it must be assumed that a standard mould may still exist, possibly in the US, which would be nice...


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