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last updated 18/3/04

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AIRFIX (UK) - series 2

The first car to be issued in series 2 was one of my favorites - the MKIII Zodiac.It is easily mistaken for series 1 as it came in the same plastic bag and header card packaging as the rest of the series 1 models. All other series 2 kits came in cardboard boxes with great illustrations of the car on the front. It is believed that the Zodiac was meant to be in series 1 but because the Zodiac is a big car and therefore required more plastic to manufacture it had to be put into series 2, certainly it is no more detailed than most of the series 1 kits.Most other series 2 cars are more complicated than this one!

Many of the cars in this series feature opening bonnets with detailed engines, the Herald being a particularly good model with the full lift up front end of the original and even little tiny master cylinders, wiper motor etc. The only dissapointment about the Herald is its strange lack of the rubber bumpers of the original.

Some cars were promoted form series 1, including the Porshe Carrera 6 and Aston Martin which are common in series 2 but rare in series 1 if you see what I mean!

Most later issue cars were made in white plastic to make painting easier.

M205 to M212 were renumbered under the new system introduced in 1973 and the next year the Cortina, Mini, E type and Bond Bug were promoted to series 2 (see comments under series 1). I have never seen the series 2 versions of these and would love to see what the boxes were like, if you have one.

Since the early nineties the TR4a, MGB, Herald, Ferrari, Aston,Ford 3L, 917 and the Escort have been sporadically available as re issues.The molds for the Zodiac were altered for the Kustom Kar issue of the early 80s (see series 4) so no standard re issue is possible.

I am a bit vague as to when kits went out of production as I do not have a full run of catalogues so if you know, let me know!

LATEST UPDATES Andy Wakeford informs me that the M204C Triumph Herald was also briefly available in series 1, see Important Update under series 1.

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Model No.Approx. issueModelRarityComments
M201C1963-71Ford Zodiac MKIII4Bagged not boxed
M202C1966-71Triumph TR4A3Airfix re issue available
M203C1966-71MGB Roadster2Airfix re issue available
M204C1967-71Triumph Herald3Airfix re issue in mid 90s
M205C (02405-7)1968-8?Ferrari 250LM1Airfix re issue available
M206C (02406-?)1967-78Aston Martin DB53Airfix re issue available
M207C (02407-6)1967-78Porshe Carrera 63re numbering of M12C
M208C (02408-6)1968-7?Mercedes 280SL3 
M209C (02409-9)1969-8?Ford 3L2Airfix re issue available
M210C (02410-9)1969-7?Ford Escort (MKI)3Airfix re issue available
M211C (02411-2)1971-8?Porsche 9172Airfix re issue available
M212C (02412-5)1972-7?Bugle Beach Buggy4 
02413-81974-76Bond Bug 700E5re numbering of M10C
02414-11975Morris Mini Minor5re numbering of M4C
02415-41975Jaguar E Type5re numbering of M5C
02418-31975Ford Cortina Lotus5re numbering of M6C


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