Due to wear on most of the tooling, difficulty in obtaining some component parts/materials and ever increasing commitments in the real world I have decided to stop production of the Onethirtysecond range of kits. If the situation changes I may well start production again but I can't see that happening any time soon. This page has been retained for reference purposes.


The 70s collection

The 70s Collection were a series of one piece resin bodyshells of often overlooked classic fondly (or sometimes not so fondly) remembered family saloon cars. They are made to 1/32nd scale and have not had their proportions distorted or wheel arches enlarged unlike many slot car bodies and so were equally suited for true scale slot racing or as the basis of a static model.

Kit Details

All kits contained at least

One piece resin bodyshell

Vac formed window unit (requires trimming)

General purpose trim to fit vac formed drivers platform/driver and resin drivers head

Instruction/painting guide sheet.

Please note that chassis were NOT included!

Resin kits require more advanced modelling skills and are intended for adult modellers.

In common with most resin kits some trimming/fettling and minor remedial work may be required.All kits were supplied unpainted.




For a model of the Hillman Hunter see 60s Collection

70/001 Triumph Dolomite bodyshell kit


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One of the last cars to bear the Triumph name (we won't speak of the "Triumph" Honda Acclaim) and in Sprint from still widely competed. Modelled here in its early form (without spoiler) but broadly suitable for most years of production.The Triumph 1500FWD and 1500TC share basicaly the same shell as the Dolomite but have a slatted grill similar to the Toledo so could easily be converted. A limited run of early Triumph Toledos was also produced, see 70/005.

70/002 Hillman Avenger bodyshell kit


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Hillmans entry into the Marina/Escort sector of the 1970s car market was the attractive looking Avenger. Modelled on the 4 door shell it included alternative grills for either two square headlights (cheaper models) or four round headlights (more up market versions). The blue Avenger standard is on a scratchbuilt static chassis and the gold super is on a narrowed Scalextric Datsun chassis, although an XR3 would also fit.

The Avenger was sold in America as the Plymouth Cricket.

A full slot car kit of the MKII Avenger Tiger sports was also produced - see slot car kits.

70/003 1971 Morris Marina 1300 coupe bodyshell kit


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Ignoring the ugly facelifted Ital version Marinas were the last cars to bear the Morris name and a personal favourite of mine. Modelled in early Mk I 1300 form with the lovely 2-door coupe body. Lest we forget a 1300 Coupe in the hands of Brian Culcheth came first in class and 18th overall in the 1971 RAC Rally (maybe nobody else turned up).A limited production 1300 saloon was also available to order (the orange painted shell in the bottom picture) and also the 1800TC saloon.Note that Team Unipart transfers were not included - see gallery for more on the Unipart Coupe.

70/004 Austin 1300GT bodyshell kit


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The 1969 - 74 Austin 1300GT was a real pocket rocket! BL took what was basicaly a 1275cc mini Cooper S spec engine and stuffed it in the otherwise mundane but worthy 1300 ADO16 bodyshell.Tweaked and lowered hydralastic suspension and a host of the usual GT refinements (including mock 9 spoke hubcaps)completed the picture. The 1300GT was also one of the first UK cars to feature the now almost obligatory rub strips. From 1969 - 71 an identical Morris badged version was available. Apart from the ADO16 ranges propensity to rust many were snapped up by upgrading mini owners for the engine and the boy racers dealt with the rest leaving few survivng today. A Scalextric XR3/Datsun etc size chassis is a good fit for wheelbase.Came complete with seperate bumpers (fragile and not recommended for racing use), grill moulding, vac formed windows and interior plus an optional female passenger.Later production did not include the female passenger and the very last ones did not include the seperate bumpers due to mould damage.


For more pictures of models of ADO 16 variants see the gallery.


70/005 Triumph Toledo 4 door bodyshell kit


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Produced as a short run only this, but it was too obvious to ignore! The 1970s Triumph Toledo 4 door, the poorer relation of the Dolomite and sharing a broadly similar body shell.The boot is 6 inches shorter and the different grill features two square headlamps to the Dolomites four round ones. Tail lights and boot opening etc are also different. Will fit on the same chassis as the Dolomite (Scalextric Audi Quattro can be persuaded to fit after much trimming) but because of the shorter boot there is less room at the rear for a mounting post.Probably made less than a dozen of these.