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60s and 70s car colours


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60s Triumph Colours

Triumph used a number code for describing their body and trim colours on the VIN plate covering 9 basic colours which were then divided into shades. The last number being the basic colour (1=black,2=red etc) and the first number the shade (1st shade, 2nd shade etc) therefore a paint code of 26 gives us the second shade of basic colour 6. From the chart we can see that basic colour 6 is blue and second shade is Wedgewood.

Two tone colours are seperated by a slash with the main colour first, so 26/19 is Wedgewood blue over Triumph White.

Interior trim colour follows the same principal but is proceded by H for leather and C for cloth. If there is no prefix then material is leathercloth.


Basic Colour Number 1st Shade 2nd shade 3rd shade 4th shade 5th shade 6th shade
Black 01            
Red 02 Matador Cherry Signal Burgundy Scarlet  
Brown 03 Light Tan          
Yellow 04 Jonquil Wimpey Jasmine      
Green 05 Cactus Conifer Olive Lichfield    
Blue 06 Midnight Wedgewood Dark Blue Renoir Royal Valencia
Purple 07 Damson Shadow        
Grey 08 Gunmetal Dark Grey Phantom Dolphin    
White 09 Triumph Sebring       .