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New slot car kits based around the PCS32 chassis including Avenger Tiger and Hunter

New for July 04 The original 60s version of the Hillman Hunter!

New for July 04 I have a small quantity of Scalextric Minilite hubs plus some tyres!

May 04 Lots of new gallery entries including 50s Yanks and a Marina!

May 04 Aurora and Frog have been added to plastic kit reference lists.

May 04 Many new additions to the range of other manufacturers resin and plastic car models

Whats on the bench, Chris? See what I'm currently fiddling with.



Due to wear on most of the tooling, difficulty in obtaining some component parts/materials and ever increasing commitments in the real world I have decided to stop production of the Onethirtysecond range of kits. If the situation changes I may well start production again but I can't see that happening any time soon.It's been great fun and a steep learning curve and I would like to thank everybody who has shown an interest, or even purchased one. I will continue to supply what spares I have untill they are exhausted and I am happy to answer general non sales inquiries about the kits and assist in dating when kits were manufactured if for any reason you would need to know that! The rest of the site is unaffected and the non Onethirtysecond stuff for sale is still available.



This is a hobby website dedicated to 1/32nd scale models of everyday British cars of the 1950s to 1970s, either as static models or as slot cars.

It's been going a few years now and I'm afraid I don't have as much time to spend on it as I used to - this means I don't always get to respond to emails as quickly as you or I may like so please be patient, I never ignore any genuine emails.

This also means that the website is not updated as often as I would like either (and I am aware of the similarity with Monty Pythons Cheese Shop sketch!) but it is updated in the important areas - if it says on the site that something is unavailable that it's unavailable, if it says it is available then it is. I am keeping information about the Onethirtysecond kits even though they are not currently in production on the website so new comers who come across them at swap meets etc can find out more about them. Currently there are no plans to reintroduce any out of production kits and all future projects are currently on hold (including the Marina estate) but this may change.

While I do have lots of Airfix etc kits and Ready to Run slot cars etc I do not have any lists, other than those that are already on the website, so please don't ask me for any - if I had them listed I would have put them on the site. However if there are specific items you are looking for then let me know and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for your continued support




I can now accept Paypal for purchases. This does cost me money so if we could keep it for larger amounts or overseas then I would be grateful. Still more than happy to accept cash (registered post please) cheques, postal orders (all in GBP sterling) or, of course, swaps.

For the first time since I started this I am going to have to raise postage rates in line with Royal Mail, I've put this off as long as I can but I am losing money on most parcels now. Minimum charge is now £2.50.

News and recently added stuff to the site...

If any links/new pages don't work correctly please let me know!

16th August 2010 - I know it doesn't look like it but I do update stuff on the site all the time, honest! I have added a few things to the Scalextric for sales under the Tri-ang era, Middle ages books, Die casts (including 1/32nd scale diecasts for track side use) and a new small model railway list. I am hoping to find the time now that I have stopped making the Onethirtysecond models to split the website into two sections - one dealing with Onethirtysecond models historically and general slot and real car reference/general interest and one just dealing with stuff for sale.

10th May 2009 - Definitive information on the Rebel Rouser Victor or Escort issue provided by Rick Allen, thanks Rick.

21st July 08 - Added what must be all of the Scalextric Ford Escort Mk1, Capri, XR3i and RS200 models I have left to the for sale list. See here

11th February 08 - Added a few more cars to my for sale section but have loads more to go. If there is something you are looking for, especially mini coopers (I have most variations) let me know and I'll see what I can find.

6th December 07 - Finally started to add some of my cars for sale, see here. Scalextric, SCX etc plus some accessories. Some priced to sell, some priced to keep (I'll let you work out which is which). Some are going very quickly so have a look. More to come over the next few weeks.

20th November 07 - Once again I have received a mention in Model Collector magazine, this time for my Vauxhall HA Viva SL90. Only mentioneded in passing but they have used one of my photographs.

27th April 07 - I have just received a 1/25th Pyro Triumph GT6+ plastic kit from friend Tor Henning Ertsland, all the way from Norway would you believe, and its a real gem. Photos at some point when I get the time (don't hold your breath). Tor is making a diorama model of an early eighties British scrap yard in which Onethirtysecond models will feature quite largely. as by then that is where most of the real ones had ended up! I'm not sure why a Norwegian would be interested in old British scrap yards but it's a great project and I have seen examples of his modelling so should be a great model.

27th April 07 - Yours truly features not once but twice in the June edition of Model Collector magazine, once under Herald models and once under Anglia. If it had only been once I wouldn't have mentioned it.....Regular visitors will recognise the photos as being mine too.

16th November 06 - A 1/32nd scale Ford 100E?! No, but almost as interesting. A fascinating 1960s 1/24th plastic kit of the humble Ford 100E Prefect by Premier very kindly loaned by Tom Wysom in Canada. Can you tell us more?

4th October 06 - Blimey! How could I have forgotten about this? Yours truly recieved a two page colour spread in the December 2005 edition of Scale Models International Collector magazine (The best selling independent model magazine don't you know) - fame at last! Most of the info contained will be familiar to readers of this site but, a few minor labelling errors aside, it's lovely (and not a little wierd) to see your work in print. If you would like to read it click here. (This is in pdf format so you will need Adobe Acrobat to open it, which you will probably already have or is downloadable for free from the Adobe website. Size is 1.2m but I didn't know how to make it any smaller).Used by permission.

19th March 06 Pictures of a nicely built Frog 1/16th Ford Cortina Mk1 by John Taylor

March 06 The first review type build of a resin shell kit is now available - the BMC 32 mini commercials.



Right, announcements over, back to normal!

This website is dedicated to the scratch building and converting of everyday model cars in 1/32nd scale for either slot racing or as static models.

MGB Conversion Kit

I guess I've got to blame Airfix for this, even more than Scalextric, it was their reintroduction of some of their 1960s sports car kits in the early 90s that rekindled my interest in plastic model cars.

Fitting Scalextric parts and slot racing them was but a short step from that.

However, when it became apparent that Airfix were unlikely to remanufacture any of their superb everyday saloon cars, I decided to make my own, first vacuum forming (see the gallery for some "from the vaults") over carved wooden blocks or salvaged Airfix shells before finally biting the bullet and making resin shells.

Scalextric converted Triumph Herald

Hand making masters and creating silicone moulds takes a long time and a fair bit of money. In order to recoup some of the costs I used to supply resin bodyshell kits of many wonderful 60s and 70s cars that are overlooked by the major manufacturers, for either slot racing or as the basis of static models.

If you are looking for Ferraris or Porsches you've come to the wrong place, however if you have a hankering for a Ford Anglia or a Triumph Dolomite to make an unusual Scalextric slot car or nostalgic static model you could just be in heaven....


Selection of the kind of stuff you will find on this site:-


Want to know if anyone made a model of your favorite 60s/70s British saloon? See Who made what in 1/32nd scale

If you are familiar with using transfer paper for ink jet printers here is the start of a library of useful images

Many models in the Gallery, including some superb 50s US cars made by Mike Sells

A listing of 1/32nd scale plastic kits - useful reference for both the static and slot modeller. Starting with Airfix (obviously) and Arii. Aurora and Frog now added. More will follow as information comes to hand. If you have information about other makes (particularly Revell and Monogram) past and present please let me know.See Plastic kit listings

Slot convertors! - a listing of common slot car chassis wheelbase dimensions so you can find something to fit your kit bodyshell. See Slot chassis dimensions

Want to make a model of your dads car but can't remeber the name of the colour? Selection of 60s & 70s car colours here