Revell (GB) Sunbeam Alpine and Austin Healey


A pair of previously built Revells here, originally commissioned by Revell GB in around 1963 but also sold by Revell US etc.

I have been after a Revell Alpine MKIII for some time and am grateful to Mike Sells for agreeing to part with one. This one is actually the later Advent (Revells budget brand) issue with grey instead of chrome chromework but Mike managed to include an unused chrome sprue with it. I don't usually go to town on plastic kits, usually being content with a tidy job but the Alpine will get the works, full engine bay detail, correct bonnet shuts with the correct hinges on the bonnet, better wheels etc. I must be keen as this one has jumped the queue and was dismantled this far within hours of hitting the UK!

It looks like that removing the headlights will entail damaging the rims (part of the bodyshell) so these will probably be cut off completely and new ones formed with plastic strip around the new headlights.

The Healey 3000 MK1 is also a nice kit (with a surprisingly well fitting bonnet for this age of kit) but will probably only get a tidy restoration. The original wheels are pretty poor though so will probably be replaced with Ninco wires or Scalextric Healey ones.


26/5/04 New addition

The Alpine and Healey have been joined by an unbuilt Revell MGB. Probably going to put it together "as is" apart from finding some better wheels and possibly substituting some of the Airfix engine parts.