Gunze Sangyo 50s US cars

Got a couple of these on the go at the moment, a 63 Ford Thunderbird and 59 Chevy Impala (my favourite ever Chevy) convertable. Very nice kits and with a bit of a polish don't need the plastic painting, especially the 63 Thunderbird.

Loads of chrome on these cars, much of which is supplied on the chrome sprue, but still enough bits to require getting in an ample supply of Bare Metal Foil. Come with very good alternative wire wheels plus a bath tub sized Continental Spare carrier for the rear. I won't be using mine as they are long enough already.

First 50s US saloon cars I have built (apart from a Pyro/Life Like 52 Chevy I did when I was ten and thats not really 1/32nd, far too small) and the first tip I will pass on is don't paint the white walls on the tyres untill AFTER you put them on the rims! Otherwise the paint all cracks off as you fit them.Yes, I'd painted all 8 before I found out.

These kits are designed to be motorised with front wheel drive (for static use you may want to fill in all the various holes in the chassis with plastic rod etc, I did but not strictly necessary I was just bored) and will take a wrong way round Mabuchi (i.e. pinion at the opposite end to brush gear, like Ninco motors) - has anybody tried slotting them like this? Usually people put them on Fly etc chassis. - Allen Higgs tells me he has done this and it works but that Scalextric track is too bumpy for them. He did this a few years back and that the cars are pretty beaten up now, if anybody has spare bodyshells of the Impala or Eldorado so he can rebuild them let me know and I'll pass it on.